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The International Conference on Systems of Organic Rice Production (ORP)

Italy will host the  International Conference on Systems of Organic Rice Production (ORP) from September 1 to 4 in Milan and Pavia according to orpconference (http://www.orpconference.eu/en/). The conference will begin at the Milan Rice Expo on the first of September in the Biodiversity Park Auditorium Il centre della terra (The Earth center) and it will be continued in Lomellina, in Azienda Erbatici of Mezzana Bigli (Pavie) until September 4.

Rice producers, researchers, students, teachers, organizations, territorial entities and local authorities can participate in the conference, which aims to stimulate exchange of information and knowledge between the participants and numerous components within the world of organic rice culture.

The conference will be opened by the Italian Minister of Agriculture, Maurizio Martina and it will be presided by personalities such as Denis Lairon (Director of Research INSERM – INRA France (http://institut.inra.fr/en)), Claudia Sorlini (President of the Scientific Committee, the Universities for expo 2015 (http://www.comitatoscientifico-expo2015.org/en/comitato/)) and Paolo Carnemolla (president of Federbio (http://www.federbio.it/english.php)). The Scientific Commitee will consist of: Jean-Marc Barbier, Sylvestre Delmotte and Jean-Claude Mouret (agronomist of Agronomic Research Unit in Sevilla, Spain) and Barry Mamadou Billo (geneticist of Agronomic Research Unit of Guinea).

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