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Plastic-free packaging for mini cucumbers

Wijnen Square Crops has new packaging for their brand of mini cucumbers, which are called BoostyBites. The packaging has been designed in such a way that no plastic is used when the product is in stores.

Sustainability and convenience are becoming bigger and bigger factors within the fresh produce industry. One of the most important themes is the increased use of plastic. The retailers' demand for sustainable packaging is growing. Developments in the field made it so that a sustainable alternative packaging for mini cucumbers was inevitable.

Wijnen Square Crops combined forces with INOVA and Total Packaging to come up with a new design for the current BoostyBites packaging. This resulted in a cardboard packaging with several core aspects. The packaging protects the product, so the mini cucumbers are not damaged during transportation. The packaging has also been designed in such a way that plastic is no longer needed. The turnover rate of the product is so high that the mini cucumbers stay nice and fresh. The product is visible and easy to take home, which increases convenience for the consumer. Finally, the packaging provides the product with a fresh and new appearance due to the colors used in combination with the new slogan ‘extraordinarily delicious!’.

The new packaging is available in Germany exclusively at Edeka and Netto. In the Netherlands, the new packaging will be introduced soon in a few members of Superunie.


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