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NEWSLETTER #032 - 18.02.2019




Convencional avocado


ECOSUS offers this week conventional avocado Fuerte and Hass from Peru and Mexico.

200 tons will be available until the end of april.

Pre-Orders will receive preferences.

This week we continue to organize the requests for Brazilian Organic Hass Avocado. The season starts in May and will end in August. If you work with Organic Hass Avocado, please send us a message to present you this year’s season.


GlobalGap fruits


In 2019 ECOSUS started with a special Project in Colombia which will provide us many good fruits. We offer GlobalGap certified Mangosteen, Physalis, Carambola, Granadilla, Maracuyá (passion fruit), Pineapples, Baby Banana, Feijoa, Guanabana and Lemon Tahiti.

All these fruits will be offered soon as well as organic certified product. Pitahaya (Dragonfruit) and Mangosteen we can already offer as a organic certified product.

Take this opportunity to ask for a mixed shipment or for a single fruit.




From Colombia, we offer USDA and EU Organic certified Limes.


Convencional GlobalGap Limes are also available from Colombia


Pre-Orders will have preferences


1 to 3 containers available every week


GlobalGap and Organic Kent Mango


We offer conventional GlobalGap certified Kent mango.

We have 120 tons available until the end of april.

From Peru we offer organic mango kent (USDA and EU certified). This offer is available until march. Payments Conditions to buy: 50% onfront, 50% when product arrives at destination.


Ataulfo Mango


From Peru, we would like to offer Mango Ataulfo.

GlobalGap certified mango Ataulfo is already available; 10 to 15 pallets every week by air delivery.

Organic Ataulfo starts in March.

5 containers available every month. We need Pre-Orders for negotiaton.


Tommy Atkins Mango


ECOSUS offers USDA and EU Organic certified Mango Tommy and Conventional GlobalGap certified from Peru and Brazil.

We have 5 tons available every week

Air delivery available if required

The season goes from 15/03 to 30/04.

Pre-Orders will have preference





Panela Sugar


We offer from Peru and Colombia Organic and GlobalGap certified panela sugar.

This is a very special sugar produced by ECOSUS and partners. We have 100 tons available every season.

Pre-Orders will have preference.




As a special product from Brazil, ECOSUS presents USDA, EU and Canadá Organic certified Mushrooms.

Pre-Orders will receive preferences.

Untill 20 containers available every season.


Organic and Conventional Ginger


ECOSUS offers, USDA and EU organic certified ginger juice from Peru.

The new season starts only in May. Make a Pre-Order to make sure that you will receive your product.

This product is delivered in cylinders of 220 kg each.

Also from Peru, USDA and EU organic certified and conventional ginger starch will be available in June for the European market.

Due to the amount of requests we’re receiving for organic ginger, it’s necessary to receive your pre-orders.




This year we offer USDA, EU and Canada Organic certified coffee from Brazil.

Special certified coffee, GlobalGap certified and Fairtrade certified coffee are also available.

120 containers available this year.

Pre-Orders will have preference

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