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Netherlands: New organic tomato variety introduced

he first consumers in the Netherlands and in Germany can enjoy a new organic tomato variety - the Choco Tom. Dutch grower Ruud van Schie is the first to grow this delicious, chocolate brown tomato gem. Nature & More buyer Rein Burger was delighted to officially receive the first carton from Ruud. The Choco Tom is sold on the vine because it helps the tomato hold its unique taste. The bite sized tomatoes are sweet, have a rich aroma and the balance between juiciness and structure is exactly right.

According to Ruud van Schie, the organic production method also contributes to the full bodied taste: “Although it takes longer to grow tomatoes in the soil as opposed to substrate, the tomato has a much more intense flavor and aroma because it is allowed to grow naturally.” Ruud has been growing organic tomatoes and bell peppers since 1997. He focuses on tasteful products and also makes his business more sustainable. Together with the Agricultural University in Wageningen, he managed to lower his energy use by 20%


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